iPhone 8 Roundup News: Apple Slowly Strips Off iPhone Of Its Iconic Traits

2017 is almost here and rumors about the iPhone 8 are starting to grow in number. In fact, at this point in time, there have already been a lot of things said about Apple's 2017 release. What's obvious as of now is that Apple might be going for a total overhaul for the iPhone 8 and stripping it off of its iconic features might be next year's thing.

iPhone 8 Rumors

As a roundup of iPhone 8 rumors, it was said that the device would sport an all-glass look, omitting the home button for good. This brings in the news that the fingerprint scanner of the iPhone 8 will be squeezed inside the device's display and its front cam will be covered in glass as well. Furthermore, there could be three models coming up and one of which will sport a curved edge-to-edge display. A faster A11 chip is also to be expected, Mac Rumors reported.

Apple's Apparent Changes For The iPhone

As of now, it's already obvious that Apple is slowly changing how the iPhone looks. First they removed the headphone jack, then through a quick update, they also removed the slide-to-open feature of the iPhones. And as per the iPhone 8 rumors, the company will also be saying goodbye to the iconic home button that Apple has always been known for. Soon enough, iPhone fans would feel that home buttons and the slide-to-unlock feature are already from a distant past.

Of course, these kinds of changes aren't exactly negative. In fact, they can be called "innovation" more than anything. However, it's just interesting to see Apple grow and embrace change without hesitations.

iPhone 8 Release Date

Apple hasn't announced anything about the iPhone 8 just yet. This means that fans can still expect the device to arrive sometime September next year, Tech Radar reported. There are gossips about an entirely different release date for the iPhone 8 for the sole reason that it is an anniversary iPhone(thus, special). Nevertheless, this is nothing but an unconfirmed rumor. So as of now, it's still safe to stick to a September expectation until Apple gives out a solid hint.

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