Google Latest News: Google Introduces Jamboard – The Digital Whiteboard

Google is trying to redefine meetings. The company just released the Jamboard which Google describes as a "collaborative, digital whiteboard".

The Jamboard "makes it easy for your team to share ideas in real-time and create without boundaries". Users can easily pull up documents; grab images and research data through Google Search. It also brings the G Suite on board for some real-time collaboration.

G Suite product manager, TJ Varghese, posted on a blog last Tuesday that Google is "moving the whiteboard to the cloud".

The 55-inch 4k display digital whiteboard is useful when meeting are held among people in different places. They can still show and discuss Docs, Sheets and Slides. If necessary, photos can be added into the Drive. To make the Jamboard feel like a real whiteboard, users also have the option to use their handwriting. Even shapes and drawing can be recognized by this new device. And just like in the traditional office, workers can use stencils and sticky notes.

The Jamboard also has a built-in HD camera, Wi-Fi, and speakers. The touchscreen's response time is impressive and can differentiate the sketch and erase option of its stylus.

Jamboard will be available sometime in 2017 at a price expected to be lower than $6000, according to CNN. The Jamboard will cost a lot cheaper than Microsoft's 55-inch Surface Hub which sells for $9,000.

Google has been very busy as of late. Just this year, the tech company has released a couple of new smartphones including the Google Pixel, the first phone exclusively made by them. They also unveiled the Google Home smart speaker, their version of the Amazon Echo and SoundHound's recently released Hurricane.

Google is also currently focusing on expanding their business to the lucrative enterprise market. Its purchase of Apigee for $625 million is seen as a step towards that direction.

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