Microsoft News: How To Exchange Your MacBook To A Surface Pro 4 Or Surface Book

Just a couple of days away from Microsoft and Apple's supposed hardware events, the Surface maker is offering MacBook users a good deal in getting a Surface device. Apparently, Microsoft isn't over the Apple war yet as it gives discounts amounting to $650 for buyers who would trade in their MacBook Pro for a Surface Pro 4 or a Surface Book. It was said that people can send in almost any kind of Apple's Air or Pro laptops regardless of value and receive a Microsoft Store discount.

How To Exchange You MacBook To A Surface

This deal is offered in the US and Puerto Rico through online and retail stores, Win Beta reported. In participating through the online store, all you need to do is to select your current device from the web page and you're ready to start the trade-in process.

Needless to say, Microsoft requires all the traded Macs to be fully functional and not in any way broken. Meaning, the battery should be working properly (i.e. doesn't require consistent plugging in to work), the whole laptop need to have complete parts and the warranty seal should remain as intact as it first arrived. Furthermore, Microsoft also requires participants to make sure that their Macs aren't password-protected and that their original chargers and accessories are also included in the trade-in.

The source says that this incentive will last until November 7 or until supplies last. But if you have already gotten a redemption code, it will not expire until December 15. You can check on Microsoft's trade-in page to get more info.

Microsoft And Apple To Hold October Events

Microsoft and Apple are both expected to release new devices at their upcoming October events. This means that there is a good chance that Microsoft is doing this promotion program not only to take some Apple users away from MacOS but also to dispose its last year's Surface devices. It's worth noting that once MacBook users shift to the Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book, they would most likely not purchase the supposed MacBook Pro 2016 anymore. There are also reports saying that Microsoft will be releasing new Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book devices with upgraded internals, hence the enthusiasm to dispose older models.

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