Cities: Skylines Natural Disasters Expansion Update: Hurricanes, Meteor Showers And More Teased In New Gameplay Video

Cities: Skylines is soon getting the Natural Disasters expansion, much to the excitement of fans. Prior to its release, Paradox keeps on teasing the players. Now, a new in-game footage is released featuring catastrophes that will soon visit the players' cities.

Cities: Skylines Natural Disasters Coming Soon

"Natural Disasters will feature a collection of cataclysms for mayor-players to deal with, all the way from early warning systems through recovery and rebuilding following the devastation," according to Paradox's blog. The Cities: Skylines DLC is pegged as the "feature fans have been asking for since launch," so players are thrilled to see the new expansion in the trailer.

The trailer, seen below the article, shows just how much devastation the new Cities: Skylines emergencies will cause. Catastrophes such as forest fires, tornadoes, hurricanes and tsunamis and how they affect the cities can be witnessed in the video.

Cities: Skylines Natural Disasters Trigger And Safety Measures

These emergencies can happen unexpectedly in Cities: Skylines Natural Disasters. However, it can be triggered manually by players curious about how much damage their cities are going to take, by those who are up for the challenge and by mayors who are not really fond of their constituents.

To prevent against huge damage in the city, new equipment will come to Cities: Skylines that can warn the player of impending doom or protect the citizens' lives. With Natural Disasters, gamers must put up countermeasures and emergency plans that can save most, if not all, of the population and the buildings, per Flickering Myth.

Cities: Skylines Natural Disasters will also bring the new scenario mode. Players will soon be able to design custom challenges and share them through the Steam Workshop.

Cities: Skylines Natural Disasters will challenge players with meteor showers, tornadoes and more in winter 2016. A specific release date has yet to be announced.

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