‘The Simpsons’ Cancellation Rumors True? Fox Refused To Renew The Show?

By Jen Aguilar , Oct 27, 2016 04:20 AM EDT

Is “The Simpsons” joining the list of tv shows that are fated to be canceled anytime soon? Did Fox snub the animated sitcom’s renewal?

Despite nabbing the titles “The longest-running American sitcom” and “The longest-running American animated program,”it looks like Bart, Marge, Maggie, Homer and Lisa will bid their goodbyes to their long - time supporters. The series is widely speculated to end after its 30th season.

With a total of 28 seasons to date,“The Simpsons” is probably the most famous cartoon family and its huge fan base seems not to loose an inch of interest from the show. The greenlight for season 29 is still far from reality as its home network, Fox has not yet issued its official statement regarding future seasons’ renewal. A report noted that the only sure thing with the series is that “the voice cast is signed until a possible season 30.”

Per Deadline, "'The Simpsons won’t surpass that count until sometime in 2018 when episode 16 of season 29 airs – assuming that the series is renewed. That’s likely to happen of course: the most recent series renewal back in 2015 only covered seasons 27 and 28, but the cast are all optioned through a hypothetical season 30. “

With Fox’s silence comes showrunner David Silverman’s desire of pursuing the comedy show.

"We don't want it to end," the producer said.

Also, Silverman emphasized that his team is more than willing to reach the 2,000th episode. He was inspired by Warner Bros. achievement with“Looney Tunes”that aired in 1930 and concluded in 1969.

“He would want to work out the "delivery system" for "The Simpsons" which was lacking in Looney Tunes causing it to be terminated.”

At least, hope is erupting. With Silverman’s affirmation, the comedic brilliance and the crazy adventures of “The Simpsons” continue.

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