'Giant' Vacuum Cleaner Invented To Solve Air Pollution Problems

By J Russ I. , Oct 27, 2016 02:57 AM EDT

It is impossible to avoid leaving a carbon footprint on this planet. Every time a person does something - uses a computer, goes to work, or merely eats - the activity creates carbon emissions that end up in the atmosphere. As such, experts have been developing technologies for years to solve air pollution problems.

Netherlands Tested The Giant Vacuum's Capabilities

One such invention has been recently unveiled in Amsterdam, Germany by the Envinity Group. It is a massive vacuum cleaner designed to suck out smog straight from our heavily polluted atmosphere, which can solve air pollution problem that's been the cause of millions of death worldwide. This giant contraption is apparently capable of cleaning 100 percent of toxic fine particles from 800,000 cubic meters of air per hour.

It's also able to filter out air from a radius of 300 meters and can reach an impressive seven kilometers vertically. Henk Boersen, a spokesman for the Dutch Envinity Group, said that the industrial filter is about 8-meters long that's made out of steel. During a field test of its prototype by the Energy Research Center of the Netherlands, the vacuum managed to treat fine particles and 95 percent ultra-fine particles present in the air, the Independent reported.

Health Experts Recognize Significance Of Vacuum That Will Solve Air Pollution Problems

Industrial combustions, burning wood and using fossil fuels result in the production of these fine particles, while ultra-fine particles come from cars and aircraft that are ever-present today. Boersen said upon activation, a thick column of air will pass through the contraption and comes out filtered on the other side. Ideally, the vacuum should be placed on top of skyscrapers to increase its range, Boersen said.

The Envinity Group's spokesman said that businesses, governments and airports have already expressed interest in the device as a key part to solve air pollution problems. Health experts are also noting the significance of the invention as the above-mentioned particles present in the atmosphere are killing thousands upon thousands of people annually, the Daily Mail reported. In 2012, it's estimated that over a million people have been killed in China due to smog in the air, with India coming in second with more than 600,000 deaths, and Russia placing third with a number a shy of 150,000.


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