Why Nintendo Should Bank On eSports

One thing that can well be noticed on Nintendo Switch's trailer recently released are the scenes of tournaments. Just in recent reports, these tournaments could translate into eSports to dominate Switch as Nintendo insiders revealed that the Japanese game console maker is looking for eSports concentration. Why should Nintendo bank on eSports this time around? Here's a quick rundown.

Nintendo Switch Multiplayer Ability

Following the revelation of Nintendo that it is cutting sales forecast for Switch, the Japanese game console maker has teased clues as to its desire to bank on eSports. It can be noted that on Switch's trailer released last Oct. 20, a number of multiplayer events have been shown, including Splatoon.

According to PVP Live, insiders disclosed that Splatoon is already in the pipeline for competitive play and might be ported to Switch with its own specializations on tournament. Nintendo is also expected to work with American and European game developers to see what the eSports department will offer on the table. Not only did Nintendo make bridges with game developers, but with some well-known professional leagues as well, like Team Liquid, NaVi and TSM, to name a few.

Nintendo Switch Portability

Many game experts and critics have hesitations with regard to the ability of Switch to carry heavy games. As what Splatoon tournament showed, a total of eight consoles will be needed to engage in one battle. Switch's specs have been in question as of now in terms of that, which deemed its hardware "a downright nightmare" for tournament organizers. How could Nintendo be able to pull off an entry to eSports and sustain the projected success? Nintendo has no direct response to this. However, with Switch's portability, a hybrid of home-based console and mobile platform, it can hugely take advantage of bringing in together players not only in real life.

Five months before Nintendo rolls out Switch in stores, it's safe to expect that the company can do better and surpass what detractors have to say about the platform. There's glaring future waiting for Switch in the field of eSports.


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