iOS 10 Quick Tutorial: Tips, Tricks And Guide

By JR O. , Oct 27, 2016 04:18 AM EDT

Updating your phone to the most recent version is some people's worst nightmare. It's actually quite annoying to shift from everything that you're used to, to something new. Needless to say, change is usually for the better, at least for mobile updates. If you're having troubles with Apple's new iOS features and gestures, here's a quick guide for you.

Copy-Paste Across Platforms

If you have multiple Apple devices, you can actually copy texts or photos from one device and paste it to another one. This proves to be very useful for people who are constantly working using different Apple devices. You can copy and paste from an iPhone, Mac, Watch or iPad just as long as they are associated to one account.

Swipe Left To Launch Camera

This might be a minor addition to the iOS, but it's still relevant nonetheless, at least for camera fanatics. When your phone is locked, just wake your phone up and swipe right-to-left to launch the camera. The former iOS version had users swipe from the lower right corner going upwards to open the camera app. While the former gesture might have already been satisfactory, the right-to-left swipe might be a little more natural for long-time touchscreen users.

No More Swipe To Unlock

The swipe-to-unlock gesture is already a distant past. Apparently, Apple wants us to move forward and leave the iconic swipe gesture behind. To unlock your iPhone, you'd need to actually press the home button instead of swiping anywhere. This change is usually unnoticed due to the fast-acting fingerprint scanners of newer phones. For people who are actively using the fingerprint scanners to open their phones up, you may have already let go of the swipe-to-unlock feature a long time ago, and you may actually not have noticed that it is gone.

Raise Your Phone To Wake It Up

This feature's usefulness may spark some debate but Apple thinks that it's a good addition nonetheless. Raise To Wake, as what the name suggests, is a new iOS feature allowing you to simply raise your iPhone to wake it up and turn the locked screen on. It's actually perfect during times that you just want to check the time and your notifications, Tech Radar says. Nevertheless, it could be quite annoying during times when you don't really want to do anything on your phone, i.e. when you're just picking it up from the table. It can be quite battery-consuming. Luckily, this feature can be disabled in the device's settings tab.

iOS Messaging Features

One of the best reasons to update to iOS 10 is the impressive improvements Apple has given the iMessage. What used to be a simple messaging app now has turned into a fun messenger. Right now, you can already send out manually drawn texts and objects. You can also incorporate third party apps within iMessage. As per CNET, you can also send out texts in Slam, Loud, Gentle and Invisible Ink modes to make your conversations more fun. To make emojis a little more convenient, you can simply tap the emoji bar to see whether there are texts in your unsent message that can be replaced with an emoji. 

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