'London Has Fallen' Sequel In The Works; Gerard Butler To Reprise Role In 'Angel Has Fallen'

Gerard Butler is in for another ride with Millennium Films for another "Fallen" movie installment, titled "Angel Has Fallen." The "Olympus Has Fallen" and "London Has Fallen" lead star will be back to play a more challenging role as Mike Banning. A different kind of twist lies in this third run-around in the box office with Butler in the frontline.

As expected, Butler is to come back as Mike Banning for the third movie in the "Fallen" franchise. Fans would know that Banning spent most of his career protecting American presidents in the first two films. Viewers saw the actor nail it a couple of times as seen on the screen, but will he be able to do it again in his new film?

"Angel Has Fallen" will start its production in early 2017. This time, it comes with a twist of having Butler as the notorious terrorists' initial target as they plan on taking down the half of Washington D.C.. The new and latest update of the movie will excite the sequel's aficionados.

As for the title, it came from the President's code name for his plane, Air Force One. So viewers can already have their own speculations with this hint. However, news about Aaron Eckhart embarking on the project has not been announced yet. This means the movie can have the president himself or just one of his successors.

According to Deadline, Millennium will be dropping the bomb on this presumed hit movie at the American Film Market located in Santa Monica next week. The franchise was considered a success, earning $161 million for "Olympus Has Fallen" and $205 million for "London Has Fallen" in the global box office.

Producers of the threequel include Alan Siegel, Butler, Mark Gil, John Thompson and Matt O'Toole. After being successful in the previous films, the writing duo Creighton Rothenberger and Katrin Benedikt are back in business for "Angel Has Fallen."

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