Apple iPhone 7 Plus Portrait Mode: Mastering Photography

The Apple iPhone 67 Plus camera can now blur backgrounds to focus attention on people or objects in the foreground, replicating an effect typically limited to larger SLR cameras. Its focus subject is very clear while the background is blurry to give emphasize on what is really the center of the camera.

The new portrait mode of iPhone 7 Plus feature was announced in September but was not available until the company released its iOS 10.1 software update Monday. Portrait mode uses the larger iPhone 7’s dual-camera system to capture images that make the subject appear fine against a slightly blurred background. Apple is calling this depth-effect feature a beta, which means it's a work in progress.

According to the report from Time, Apple says the version of portrait mode launched on Monday is still in beta. Meaning the company will continue to improve it over time. There will be more improvements and enhancement that we can expect, which is a very great news!

The Second Lens

Apple, HTC and Huawei have found a workaround: embedding a second prime lens with a different focal length. For the iPhone 7 Plus, that's the extra 56 mm lens, which doubles the focal length of the original 28 mm glass. This means that when you use iPhone 7 Plus, you have 2x seamless optical zoom. This can be extended up to 10x using and additional gadget.

The Optical Zoom

Considering the lens you own when you have iPhone 7 Plus, of course, zooming an object to focus even far away will not be hindrance for you. Because of the second lens, the images are enlarged two-fold. And what more beautiful with this, is, the screen itself will guide you to move closer or farther from the subject. It will tell you your distance from the focus subject you have set. When shooting multiple people, make sure everyone's the same distance from the camera to keep them all sharp.

Low Light Shoot

Do not worry, that is not a problem! Apple iPhone 7 Plus camera shoots clear shots even in low-light situations. It has absolutely improved compared to its predecessor. You can play with the camera's exposure and other settings to make your images darker or lighter.

To start using the portrait mode of the Apple iPhone 7 Plus, get your smartphone, tap on the Camera icon, slide the mode at the bottom of the camera app to portrait. It's between photo and square. But first, you mus update your iOS to 10.1.

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