Nintendo Switch: Nintendo's Calculated Move To Release Console Details "Late"

Nintendo Switch: Nintendo's Calculated Move To Release Console Details "Late"
Nintendo may have given the world a glimpse of the Nintendo Switch, its newest offering to the console market, but the company has barely provided anything else. Photo : GameRadar/YouTube

Last week, Nintendo finally pulled the curtain on the Nintendo Switch - which the public called the Nintendo NX prior to the reveal. And while the short video confirmed a lot of speculations about the console, there were also some very key specs that were left out. The actual details of the device are not expected until 2017.

As Forbes notes, the details of the Nintendo Switch will be made specifically on January 12, during an event for various media outlets and investors. The date itself has just been announced. Nintendo has confirmed, however, that "the presentation will include the launch date and pricing for Nintendo Switch, as well as a look at the lineup of games currently in development."

But a meeting on January means that gamers will only have - give or take - two months to learn about the unit and mull over whether or not it is worth the purchase. These two months are short compared to its competitors. Furthermore, the reveal date itself, which will be sometime in March, is also unprecedented. So what could Nintendo possibly be thinking?

The only logical reason is because Nintendo is looking at the current market and does not want it to take its dive at the moment. The PlayStation 4 Pro, for instance, will be released to the market in a few weeks. If the Japanese gaming company were to unveil the full details of its console now, it would only be buried under the thousands of purchases of the PS4.

In order to give the Nintendo Switch the limelight that it deserves - and that Nintendo wants to provide it - it needs to carve out its own timeline. And if that means a shorter period between the full reveal and the actual release, so be it. But then it poses the question: Why not move the market release?

For one thing, Nintendo has promised that the Nintendo Switch will be launched sometime in March 2017. If the company chose to move this, it could receive some backlash and the late announcement of the console itself received enough. There might be another reason, however, that might sway gamers to the direction of the new device anyway.

That is, it is speculated that "The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild" will also launch sometime in March. This has not been confirmed, but likely will be come January. The next addition to the popular franchise might just be the nudge that undecided buyers need to chose the Nintendo Switch.

There is, of course, rumors surrounding the actual specifications of the Nintendo Switch. As Eurogamer notes, the device will be 6.2 inches, the screen will have 720p and will have a capacitive multi-touch screen. Although, Nintendo did previously say that it had "nothing to announce" regarding the possibility of a touch screen.

Of course, plenty can also be safely assumed from the trailer itself. This includes hybrid technology and various multi-player capabilities. The strength of the Nintendo Switch was also illustrated by its ability to power a television screen. Meanwhile, the trailer also showed that various units can connect with each other as well.

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