Fake Tomb Raider Easter Egg You Should Watch Out For And More

When it comes to hoaxes and fake Easter eggs, the gaming world is not exempted from them. In fact, there are a lot of these hoaxes and fake hidden secrets that have a lot of gamers believe. The stories that revolve around them seemed too good to be true that no one could tell at that time that another player would just play some prank on their fellow gamers. Here are some of the most popular of them.

One of these famous hoaxes which threw a lot of players in the loop was the nude Lara Croft. The supposed to be hidden secret started when one player claimed he had a 'nude code' that can undress the Tomb Raider character. However, after countless searches, no one really discovered it except for the guy who owned the code, which was not true.

Another hidden secret which a lot of people fell for was that of Mew hiding under a truck. Pokemon players know that Mew was one of the rarest Pokemon, which can only be caught during live events. A story began circulating that one can be found under a truck. There's a catch though: you have to figure out how to move the truck away. After many people tried countless attempts, it turned out they had just wasted their time because it was just a prank.

The next story surrounds the popular sandbox game, Minecraft. Many believed that the game is haunted with reports that the ghost of the creator's dead brother haunting the game and the players. There have been reports saying that he would just appear somewhere and begin digging holes or just leave small pyramids around the map.

Speaking of fake Easter eggs and hoaxes, the list will not be complete without the Super Mario 64 Luigi 64 hoax. The story started based on speculations that revolved around the statue found in the game with an inscription that reads 'L is real 2401.' After that, many players assumed that if they were able to collect 2401 coins, they will be able to unlock the Luigi character, which did not happen.

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