Nintendo Switch News: What Features Will Make You Buy This Gadget?

The Nintendo Switch has showed a lot of cool features in its video reveal. But are these features enough to convince potential customers?

The Nintendo Switch Touchscreen

The upcoming game platform will have a multi touchscreen feature with a 6.2" screen. This is an improvement from the current 3DS and Wii U platforms which only features a single-touchscreen only, according to Euro Gamer.

But why did Nintendo failed to show the touchscreen capability of the Switch in the video trailer? Industry observers speculate that Nintendo wanted to primarily reinforce the message that the Switch is both a console and mobile gaming device.

Showing the Switch's touchscreen capability may confuse the watchers and will eat a lot of time in the reveal. Anyway, Nintendo promise to do another product reveal - next year. Hopefully, the second Switch presentation will be more thorough this time.

How Long Does The Battery Last?

A long battery life is crucial to the success of any mobile gaming platform. One of the main selling points of the Switch is that it enables users to take the game anywhere. That is a good feature provided that the batteries can last for more than three hours at least.

Nintendo did not touch on this subject during the reveal but it's assumed that they are well aware of it. Prospective buyers should wait for the technical specs of the Switch including its battery life before making a decision.

Is the Switch Affordable Enough?

The Switch is unlikely to be cheap. But it should be affordable enough compared to its rivals and capability. Nintendo may have learned its lesson when it tried to sell its 3DS units for $250 on its first release. Few were willing to get the 3DS at that price which forced the Japanese company to slash down the price a few months later. To avoid repeating such humiliation, Nintendo should sell the Switch at a price many prospective buyers are willing to pay.

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