Is Pizza The Polar Bear Going 'Crazy'?

By Richmoon , Oct 28, 2016 08:39 PM EDT

Pizza the polar bear, dubbed as the "saddest polar bear in the world," has been caged in a mall in China. An animal rights group suggests it is showing signs of mental decline.

Pizza the polar bear is a superstar "without freedom," according to Cao Jinwei, a representative from Beijing's Capital Animal Welfare Association.

Yu Hongmei, the founder of Dalian-based VShine Animal Protection Association, also said that ieala shopping mall is not the ideal place for the exhibition of animals.

The polar bear is living in an aquarium at China's Grandview Mall and things seem to get even worse for Pizza. In the report of Huffington Post, the video took by Mai Zi, an activist with Animal Protection power showed how the polar bear behaved. He is pacing back and forth, violent shakes of his head and he even tried biting the metal grille inside his blue-lit cage in the said mall.

The three-year-old polar bear has been a made as an attraction since the Grandview opened in January and his seeming desolation made him went viral as mentioned is CBC. Many animal right groups visited him to see mall's facilities in taking good care of him.

There is a growing number now of petition calling for the closure of the cage and calling for Pizza the polar bear to be rehomed. There was even an offer for Pizza last month for a new home at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park's which is really intended for the welfare and habitat for polar bears. However, the Grandview's general manager replied that there is "no need for foreign organizations to get involved".

"We are a legally compliant aquarium, run according to Chinese standards and protecting animal rights. In the future, we will strengthen the protection of animal rights and welfare." The mall's general manager added.

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