Pokemon GO Halloween Easter Eggs And Features You May Have Missed

By Shayne Nicole Caravana , Oct 28, 2016 11:45 AM EDT

Niantic just keeps on updating Pokemon Go and incorporating Halloween decors and features such as easter eggs and ghost-type monsters such as Drowsee, Gastly, Gengar, Colbat, Haunger and Zubat are what players should catch during the holiday in U.S. 

Pokemon GO Halloween Easter Eggs And Features Missed

Halloween is one of the holidays in U.S. that are celebrated and Niantic is making sure Pokemon Go will have an event and updates especially for the holiday.The developer will double the candy rewards for players and sudden appearances of ghost-type Pokemon, according to Tech Times.

Only some of the players have noticed easter eggs along the way and hidden features that Niantic did not announce; certainly a lot of players missed them on Pokemon GO. Also, the creator did not mention what the hidden features so players will need to have their eyes open. According to Mirror, the almost missed features include quadrupled candies and a more efficient buddy system. Moreover, the eggs have new designs.

Niantic announced that appearances of ghost-type monsters such as Drowsee, Gastly, Gengar, Colbat, Haunger and Zubat but there are Pokemon such as Meowth and Cubone who are not spooky looking but  will be part of Pokemon GO Halloween update, according to Pop Dust.

Pokemon GO Halloween update started on Oct. 26 and will last up to Nov.1. Players are encouraged to play now especially with the updates brought by Niantic. 

Pokemon GO Halloween Update Was A Huge Success But What Comes Next?

The Pokemon GO Halloween update increased the sales of the game and it was a huge success for Niantic. According to Forbes, right after the update, players upgraded their app to try out what are the latest items and features it has to offer. The game is enjoyed by a lot of players and the developer is very happy with the warm welcome of the game.

Though Pokemon GO Halloween event is successful, players are asking what will come after when Nov. 1 ends. It is undeniable that the update excites every player, but what if the candies are not doubled anymore and unexpected monsters will not show up anymore? 

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