Prosthetic Arm Allows Man To Feel Sense Of Touch Once More

A next generation artificial arm is making waves after being tested on two amputees that enables them to feel their sense of touch again. Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh and UPMC have recently developed the said system with the use of a robotic arm that can be controlled using the person's brain.

It is said that when compared to the original hand, the implanted electrodes allows the person to feel the same intensity of pressure in the artificial hand. Experts are now considering this groundbreaking technology as a milestone towards developing future types of prosthetics that enables man to feel again.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the experimental device did not just meant living a normal life for Keith Vonderhuevel but more than that, it means so much more like being able to cradle his granddaughter. It was said that before Keith would be able to cradle his granddaughter, he needs to take off his artificial hand first because of the fear of hurting her, but now, he can do it with so much ease.

For someone like Mr. Vonderhuevel, who has lost his right arm below the elbow 11 years ago, it's already an amazing thing to be able to have the sensation that he once had - touching and feeling.

CBS News reveals that as of the present time, a team from the Case Western Reserve University claims that although enhancing prosthetics that enables the sense of touch still requires a lot of research. The team is now coming up with a big step and that is looking at the possibility of using the experimental hand at home, not just the laboratory, to start learning if it makes a difference in everyday life.

Study lead author, and a biomedical engineer Dustin Tyler from Case Western said that there is so much information that needs to be considered in the delicateness and complexity of a simple touch.

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