Google Pixel XL, The Best Android Smartphone So Far

Google Pixel XL Android smartphone is announced last October in the same year, 2016. Google Pixel and Pixel XL are said to be the Android phones that will beat the Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Many gadget reviewers said that the smartphones from Google is the best Android Smartphone so far and because of the fact that it is not too expensive and not too premium, these phones can really beat the other company's flagships.

The Outside Design

Pixel XL is a phone that uses various design elements we have seen in the phones in the last few years such as Apple, Samsung and HTC. Google is proud of the fact that it designed everything in-house and only used HTC as a manufacturer. But other than that, nothing really very strong design will attract you when you look at it.

It has front glass with a lot of space above and below the screen. The spec sheet lists 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass 4, but curvature at the edges is extremely slight. There is no other use of the glass top. But it doesn't work that well. The glass part not only looks tacky but is also a fingerprint and smudges magnet.

The back casing is made from two materials, and with a dual color combination. The top half is a bit heavy and is covered by glass which hosts the camera without any bump, the flash, and a couple of other sensors, along with the fingerprint reader which is called Pixel Imprint. The bottom half of the back comprises brushed silver-coloured metal casing that is easy to grip.

The edge designs are a bit sharp. They are easy enough to hold. Pixel XL's design might not be the best for a phone, but it is unique. The phone stands out in a crowd when all smartphone designs are to compare.

The Screen

As reported by the India Today, the Pixel XL has a 5.5-inch screen that uses AMOLED panel. This is a brilliant screen when you use it indoor or outdoor. It shows rich colors and with resolution of 1440p. It is sharp enough to show clear text and without any fuzzy edges.

It is also, just like other good AMOLED screens, is very bright and contrasty. This helps when you are using the phone in bright sunlight. But this can be adjustable whenever.

The Software

The latest Android 7.0 is Nougat is already the world's best mobile operating system. It is better than iOS 10, which powers the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus. The Android keyboard is better. The Google Assistant is so much more smarter than Siri. The way apps are installed are also better compared to iOS.

The Camera
The camera in the Pixel XL is one of its top features. It has a 12.3-megapixel rear camera and an 8-megapixel front camera. This rear camera is paired with an F2.0 lens and electronics image stabilisation. But the reason why it is so good is its large Sony-made IMX 378 image sensor. This sensor, due to its large pixel size and relatively large physical size, captures lot more data and light.

The video is also clear and sharp, with smooth motion at various resolutions and frame rates. One of the problems with recording 4K video is the amount of space they consume, but Google offers free unlimited cloud storage for photos and videos in their original sizes, including 4K.


According to Gadgets 360, it is clear that even though the style, design, and other features are borrowed from Microsoft and its Surface products, the Pixel XL are competing for the iPhone 7 Plus. You get exactly the same storage capacity at the same prices, but at least no features have been reserved for the more expensive model. Now, Apple fans have the most iPhone-like Android phone alternative. It might convince some to switch over.


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