Snapchat's Popularity Prompts New Facebook Snapchat-like Features, Furthers Integrated AR

By Jiran , Oct 29, 2016 04:50 AM EDT

A testament to Snapchat's popularity is Instagram's own version of Stories. Time will only tell when Facebook will directly enter the competition. Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook is also looking to take on the famous image messaging app. The recent unveiling of Halloween-themed mask filters for Facebook Live is just a step towards that direction.

Facebook's Masks For Live

TechCrunch made a good point that Facebook may be capitalizing on its MSQRD acquisition. The tech giant officially rolls out augmented reality selfie lenses into its main app. The Halloween-themed digital masks include a skeleton, witch and pumpkin. The special effects can now be used for Facebook Live.

The new feature can be accessed by launching a Live video broadcast. There will be a magic wand found in the upper left corner. Users should tap this to display the said special effects. They can just select the mask that they want on their face.

There can always try other options. The feature can be activated without the need of tapping and holding.

However, it's only currently available to iOS users in the US, UK, New Zealand and public figures on Facebook Mentions. Though Facebook said that the masks will hit Android users and more countries in the coming months.

Facebook's Road To Rival Snapchat

Facebook had previously tested the Snapchat-like feature when it provided Olympic-themed masks for photos and videos of Canadians and Brazilians. Facebook users were also able to go Live from MSQRD's app.

A recent report by CNET revealed that Facebook has begun testing new camera and messaging features on Thursday in Ireland. The said new features is an obvious take on Snapchat.

A software will be used to superimpose digital masks onto the user's face. Frames like hearts and bubbles can also be added. Another exciting feature is a type of filter that reanimates a scene in the style of a famous artist.

The Direct feature will allow the user to share the images and videos with individual friends or group of friends. Apparently, the said image or video will disappear once the user and the friends have stopped commenting.

To add to Snapchat's similarity, a person only has a day to replay the image or video from the first time it was opened. This has been disclosed by a Facebook spokeswoman.

Sometime soon, Snapchat will have to compete against both Instagram and Facebook. Though Snapchat still has the advantage for pioneering such features that really appeal to the young market. It has to step up its game to offer more fun features.

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