Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update: Top 5 Predictions You Need To Know

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Pokemon Go Update: Day-Care Center System Feature; Is It Necessary? Photo : Aqua Ignite/YouTube

Almost everyone know that big things are coming to Pokemon GO once Gen 2 update arrives. Although this is almost likely to happen, there are really no certainty of what these things are. Otherwise, players won't really on speculations after speculations. But if there's one thing that fans are sure of, it's going to make the game more interesting that it is now. For the meantime, here are our top 5 predictions for the forthcoming second generation update.

Fire Types' Popularity In Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update

Currently, it's no secret that fire type Pokemon are among the favorites in Niantic's hit title Pokemon GO. But regardless of their popularity, they're not really that good in gym battles -- both in offense in defense. While many will think that these creatures might be amped up in Gen 2, it's unlikely to happen really. That, in one way or another, its influence in the game will continue to plummet. Take for example Magcargo's stamina stat: if one is to look closely at it, there's no doubt those figures are a joke. Let alone the fact that these types of creatures can be easily defeated by water types. But hey, Niantic might have something up in their sleeves for the aforementioned update.

Water Types' Influence In Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update

Unlike the fire types, water type Pokemon GO creatures are a thing. Although many suggest that its popularity will still be alive and kicking, it seems to be less overwhelmed with Gen 2. Why? That's because the next update is believed to introduce more grass type Pokemon -- making it hard for water creatures to dominate in gym battles for example. Nonetheless, players can still expect them to be quite relevant in the game unlike the fire type species.

Grass Type Pokemon Will Be Massive In Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update

Exeggutor, in particular, is among the notable creatures in Pokemon GO. And currently, it's one of the most difficult Pokemon to counter. But, if in one way or another, dark type species will make their way to Gen 2, things will surely be a bit different. These grass type monsters may finally be up against a worthy opponent. But hey, who knows really, right? At least it's a good prediction to note even in the future.

Dragonite In Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update

Dragonite, as what most fans say, is an overpowered creature in Pokemon GO. Sure, some might not agree; however, it's actually a fact. Hence many are looking to capture it than anything else in the wild. One is that this Pokemon can prove to be quite lethal in gym battles. However, with the arrival of Gen 2, this old meta might be changed. The likes of Steelix and Piloswine, among others, are enough to trample this creature. This if the second generation update surely introduces the aforementioned species.

Legendary Birds In Pokemon GO

As previously covered here at iTect Post, one of the best things about Pokemon GO Gen 2 update is the possibility of Legendary Birds. These are namely Moltres, Articuno and Zapdos. However, it remains unclear if these Pokemon will be limited only to the respective teams in the game -- i.e. Mystic, Instinct and Valor. Either way, their addition is definitely worth looking forward to.

What are your thoughts on Pokemon GO Gen 2 update? How about the above-mentioned predictions? What are your expectations for the second generation update? Be sure to share to us your thoughts and/or ideas at the comment section below!

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