‘Rambo’ Reboot In The Works; Sylvester Stallone Will Not Reprise Role; Will Fans Like It?

A new "Rambo" reboot is currently being planned, but it will not have Sylvester Stallone as the lead role. The proposed title of this new movie is "Rambo: New Blood." As the word implies, it will have a new star to play the role of the ex-special force military man.

Rambo Is Returning To The Big Screen

One-man army John Rambo is poised to return to the big screen. Nu Image/Millennium Films is planning to produce a reboot of the film franchise that Stallone popularized in the 1980s. Brooks McLaren is tapped to write the screenplay and Ariel Vromen will be the film's director. Its title "Rambo: New Blood" suggests that a new star will take the lead role.

The Rambo Character To Be More Like James Bond

The producers of the film are looking for younger blood to play the role of Rambo because this upcoming "Rambo" reboot will be more like the James Bond movie franchise. Rambo 1 was a hit in 1982. Stallone reprised his role in 1985 and was successful as the first movie. Rambo 3 was released in 1988 but was not received well at the box-office probably because of the drop in quality. The last Rambo movie was in 2008 but it did not dim the success of the previous ones.

Younger Blood Is Needed For The Reboot

Since the new "Rambo" reboot will be akin to the James Bond movies, the producers are looking for a younger actor. One of the actors rumored to be considered for the role by Stallone himself is Ryan Gosling. But there is nothing certain yet as of this time.

There are no story plots that were revealed yet, but the movie will probably be the first of several Rambo movies from here on. That is, if the fans will like the upcoming "Rambo" reboot. Stallone has acted the role four times since it debuted in 1982. A lot will depend on the new young blood who will take up the Rambo role.

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