Street Fighter 5 In Trouble: Can Capcom Revive The Troubled Franchise?

By Benjie Batanes , Oct 29, 2016 04:59 AM EDT

Street Fighter 5 sales figure is not looking good due to a variety of reasons. Can Capcom managed to rescue the troubled fighting game franchise?

Capcom Reveals Troubling Sales Figures For Street Fighter 5

Capcom initially projected to sell around two million Street Fighter 5 copies by early April when the game was launched on February this year. However, current sales figures placed the number of copies sold to just around 1.4 million.

Root Cause of Dismal Sales

Street Fighter 5 is fighting game that will not appeal to all gamers. Nevertheless, fighting game title such as Street Fighter 5 should have attracted millions of interested players. It turns several factors affected the game in a bad way.

Capcom may have launched the game in haste. Players complained of poor network gameplay and some features like a story mode or single player campaign have not been included. Compared to Mortal Kombat X, Capcom's Street Fighter 5 looks amateurish.

Many players who took part in the Capcom Pro Tour DLC are not fond of the $10 charge per match by Capcom. The idea of the tour was to promote the game not earn the ire of the players. PC players will also remember the time when Capcom included rootkits in their copies of Street Fighter 5. It is also does not help if Capcom does not maintain regular communications with its player base.

Capcom eventually added a story mode to the game and also added several playable characters including Ibuki, Alex, Juri and other fan favorites. However, the only ones excited about them are the hardcore fans of the Street Fighter series.

Street Fighter 5 Players Community Advice to Capcom

Fans of the Street Fighter series are suggesting that Capcom should simply release an improved version of Street Fighter 5 even if the developer has to rename it. This may also remove the poor reputation that the game has acquired.

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