Russian Military To Use Robotic Caterpillar MRP-300 As Secret Weapon

By J Russ I. , Oct 30, 2016 04:22 AM EDT

The conflict between Russia and the United States have long been a cause for concern among the citizens of both countries. Although the current situation remains neutral, the two superpowers have strengthened their military prowess through years of developing technology that is used in wars waged today. One such innovation has been recently unveiled that will help the Russian military in conflicts that it's presently engaged in.

Caterpillar Bot Capable of Scaling 1.5-Meter Barriers

Taking a page from mother nature, Russia designed a "caterpillar" bot intended to be used during rescue missions in disaster-stricken regions or help Russian military in war zones. The bot, called MRP-300, is a two-meter long vehicle capable of lugging hundreds of kilos worth of rescue gears. It can accelerate to 25 kilometers per hour and is able to scale 1.5-meter barriers.

The country's Defense Ministry's Main Robotics Research and Test Center and the scientific-research center ROKAD are two sectors responsible for creating the machine. It's compared to the leaf-eating insect as the MRP-300 is equipped with flexible wheels allowing it to move similar as to how a caterpillar would. According to Russian newspaper Izvestia, the two-meter long bot is being mass produced in factories which will run until the end of the year.

Russian Military Could Potentially Use 'Caterpillar' Bot In Syrian Conflict

Aside from the above-mentioned capabilities, the MRP-300 will also be fitted with cameras for operators to see its surrounding, as well as gas and radiation analyzers in the case of nuclear fallout. Its robotic arms will allow the bot to collect contaminated materials and defuse explosives. Because of its wheels, the machine will be able to operate in deep snows, sand and swamp with relative ease, the Mirror reported.

"For rescue, demining and chemical reconnaissance robots working amid the rubble of a combat-damaged city, high cross-country capacity is of paramount importance," said military expert Oleg Zheltonozhko. While the country is saying that the main purpose of the bot is for rescue operations, Vladmir Putin's men can potentially use it in conflicts like Syria, the Daily Star reported. The Russian military has been doubling its effort in Syria of late and some of the country's ships weren't allowed to Dock in a Spanish port as NATO voiced concern that planes on the carrier could be used to attack the rebel-held city of Aleppo.


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