Vegetarians vs Meat Eaters: Who Lives Longer?

By Sai , Oct 30, 2016 04:22 PM EDT

A well-known question as to who lives longer between vegetarians and meat eaters has long-been debated. If a person wants to do away with certain diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cancer and heart disease, a lot of people would argue that veganism is the best option.

However, a recent study suggests that vegetarians don't necessarily mean a longer life because of the kind of diet they have. A lecturer in biology at Aston University, Birmingham, James Brown, reveals exactly who has the higher chance of living for a longer time.

The Daily Mail reports that a person's ability to live a longer life is greatly affected by the combination of his genes, the environment and as well as part of the lifestyle. According to a study participated by almost 100,000 Americans in a span of 5 years has found that non-meat eaters were less likely to die of any cause while in the middle of the study period as compared to meat eaters. Studies have shown that this result is more noticeable in males.

According to Stuff, what remains to be clear is the fact that meat-free diets decrease the likelihood of developing certain health problems in the future. Some evidences, as claimed by experts also suggest that vegan diets are seen to potentially offer an added protection above a standard vegetarian diet.

However, experts have noted that although vegan diets are believed to decrease chances of developing health risks, we cannot just conclude yet if avoiding meat products would also mean a longer life span for everyone.

Furthermore, experts believe that from these proven facts, as the aging process continues, it is likely possible to increase your chances of avoiding certain diseases by having a meatfree diet which contribute to a healthy lifestyle. On the other hand, it is just but important that while a meat freediet can be essential to our health, might as well consider pairing it with avoiding some clearer threats to our health and longevity, which includes smoking.

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