Cancer Cure Found? Scientists Create New Molecule To Stop Cancer Growth

By J Russ I. , Oct 31, 2016 03:29 AM EDT

Is Cancer cure found? Read on.

A new hope, however, has recently surfaced thanks to the research conducted by a team at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute in Australia. While not a universal answer to the disease, the new compound they developed effectively kills a quarter of all known types of cancer. And it may very well be the key to unlocking new cancer cure. Found in this discovery is a molecule the team created which they called S63845.

It works by blocking a protein known as MCL1, an essential component that many cancer cells rely on to proliferate. Inhibiting access to the protein resulted in these malignant cells to die off. Cancerous cells are difficult to get rid of the body since they can multiply faster than the immune system can kill them.

The breakthrough opened up new treatments to fight blood cancers like lymphoma, acute myeloid leukemia, and multiple myeloma. Solid tumors like melanoma and cancer growing in the breast and lungs are also included the in the scope that the molecule could combat. Guillaume Lessene, one of the researchers that's part of the team, said that the blocking access to MCL1 inhibits cancer cells to evade apoptosis, or program cell death, Science Alert reported.

Is Cancer Cure Found?

But what's really exciting about this new treatment is that it does not affect healthy cells at all compare to chemotherapy that affects both healthy and malignant tissues. This compound is part of the new generation of anti-cancer drugs known as BH3 mimetics. This medication class specifically targets the BCL-2 proteins and the MCL-1 is a member of this protein family, which is why it doesn't attack non-malignant cells.

This promising new avenue has the medical field stirring even though it's only at the pre-clinical stage, WCCF Tech reported. Further research is still required in order for it to reach human trials as safety is still of paramount concern. Hopefully, this new medical breakthrough will put an end to this disease that killed thousands of people worldwide and maybe someday the words "cancer cure found" will never be typed into the Google search bar ever again.


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