Overwatch Update: Why Sombra Is Actually That Little Girl Named Alejandra

By Alvin Elfwine , Nov 01, 2016 04:10 AM EDT

There has been so much hype within the Overwatch community as fans continue to anticipate the arrival of the new hero named Sombra. But of course, between those lines, there were those who were disappointed. Some of them, in one way or another, seem to have given up hope of Blizzard introducing the aforesaid character. Either way, they sure can't simply ignore the ongoing clues about her, especially this one.

The talks about the aforementioned Overwatch hero started when Blizzard began to leave clues in an alternate reality game (the Summer Games event YouTube video for example). Since then, fans have worked together, trying to solve the mystery behind those clues. Unfortunately, it wasn't that easy, as each clue leads to another -- it just keeps growing without reaching an end.

While it has all been fun and whatnot, there are Overwatch fans who weren't happy. That it was probably a mistake and that there's nothing special about it. Heck, some of them even see the whole thing as a gig, a way to promote Blizzard's upcoming event BlizzCon.

However, there's this popular Overwatch theory floating around the community. It suggests that the players have actually met Sombra already, only that they have no knowledge about her true identity (or upcoming purpose). Well, not entirely the hero herself, but at least a younger version of her.

Remember the Overwatch animated short dedicated for Soldier: 76? Yes, the one that's titled "Hero." If players have seen that footage, they'll know that there's this little girl named Alejandra. In the video, after a group of dudes tried to hold her up, Solider: 76 ends up being there to help her.

As far as the theory goes, Alejandra was inspired by the heroic act that Jack Morrison (former Overwatch soldier and commander) did. And, according to Mic, she eventually grows up to be the hero that she'll be called today -- Sombra, that is. Well, not really a hero of sort, as she's a vigilante hacker, but seems players do get the sense out of it.

It actually makes sense, too, one of the Overwatch ARG clues for the above-mentioned hero circle around the fictional company called LumeriCo. And what's really interesting? The said company is believed to be located in Dorado, the same map or location where the aforesaid animated short took place.

But wait, the Overwatch clues for Sombra don't stop there. At the end of the video, when Alejandra takes down the poster of Soldier: 76 off the wall, the number 23 can be seen. And take note, this figure has a lot to say about the upcoming hero. First off, the character is deemed to be the 23rd addition in the game's hero roster. Second, if she's to be released come November 1 (today), it's worth noting that the date marks the 23rd week after the official launch of the game. The theory indeed makes sense.

What are your thoughts on the aforementioned Overwatch theory about Sombra? Do you think that she's Alejandra? Any other else that you've noticed? Be sure to let us know at the comment section below!

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