'Dance Moms' Season 6 Episode 31 News And Update: Abby Wants ALDC To Lose? Miller’s Sentencing Moved In 2017

It looks like coach Abby Lee Miller is facing another set of controversial issues. In "Dance Moms" episode 31, the moms started pulling out their kids after suspecting that Miller is sabotaging the team to lose. Meanwhile, the sentencing of the coach has been moved in 2017 due to conflict of schedule of the government counsel and requested to continue it from December 2 to January 20, 2017.

In the latest episode of "Dance Moms", the moms are criticizing Abby's choreography and most of them agreed that the team will surely not win with that kind of dance sequence. Many started to question Miller's intention and believes that maybe she doesn't really want the team to win.

In one of the teasers released, Ashlee Allen, the mother of Bryn Rumfallo, is seen saying "I think we're all in agreement that we can't go on stage with that boring dance routine." The mom of Kendal Vertes also agreed with her comment. Miller is firm with her chosen choreography which made the moms start to pull out their kids from the group dance.

As for Miller's sentencing, the government proposed an order to the assigned judge for the moved sentence date and it looks like the judge will have to approve it. It can be remembered that Miller's lawyer has requested the extension of the sentencing date since September and was initially scheduled on December 2, 2016. Now due to conflict of schedule, the court has no choice but to extend the sentencing date, not because of Miller's request but due to their availability.

Season 6 of "Dance Moms" is set to finish next month while season 7 is already in the works. Miller could be facing  multi-million fines and up to years of jail time when found guilty. According to reports, the coach has been hiding more than $755,000 earnings from her reality series.


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