2016 Best Laptops: HP Spectre x360, Dell XPS 13, Surface Book With Performance Base

By JR O. , Nov 02, 2016 05:45 AM EDT
HP, Dell and Microsoft all have revamped laptops worthy of your money this year. (Photo : HP Studios / YouTube)

2016 is a great year for laptop buyers. There are quite a number of powerful laptops on the market right now and three of them are the Dell XPS 13, HP Spectre x360 and the new Surface Book. If you're in the market to look for a personal laptop or a holiday gift, these three brands will offer you zero regrets. The new Surface Book might be a little too pricey for some, but considering the overall specs, it's actually fairly priced. The Dell XPS 13 and HP Spectre x360 are less expensive so they're really great options for those who do not need a Surface hybrid.

Dell XPS 13

The latest edition of the Dell XPS 13 is equipped with Kaby Lake, Intel's latest Gen core processor. It has also been stuffed with a larger battery that reaches 11 hours of QHD usage. Furthermore, the Dell XPS 13 also features a new technology that allows your WiFi connections to be more reliable and considerably stronger. On top of these, Dell's new laptop features an InfinityEdge monitor that offers what seems like a borderless screen. As per the Microsoft Store, the Dell XPS 13 has a starting price of $999 for the Core i5/128GB variant and $1399 for the Core i7/256GB variant.

HP Spectre x360

The newest HP Spectre x360 is also equipped with Intel's latest core processor. As per Tech Crunch, HP's latest upgrade isn't only limited to a new core processor. The Spectre x360 has also been made slimmer and more premium looking. Its edge-to-edge display and Windows Hello enabled camera are just two more things that make the HP Spectre x360 more special than others.

Furthermore, HP kept the 360-degree hinge than the laptop series is known for. The company also beefed the device up with a sufficiently sized battery to give it the power it needs. It was said that the HP Spectre x360 is also fast-charging enabled as it can get 90 percent charged in just 90 minutes. For a starting price of $1049, you can get the entry-level model of this laptop.

Surface Book with Performance Base

The latest Surface Book upgrade has given the popular Microsoft laptop a good boost in the processor and battery departments. The Surface Book 2016 gives the Windows hybrid a 30 percent boost in battery life and newer more powerful Core i7 processors. The company has already opened the pre-orders for this new product and you can get the Core i7/256GB variant for $2399. Take note that the Surface Book is a hybrid laptop which means that you can detach the monitor from the keyboard. It is also Surface Pen integrated making it an ultimate laptop partner for people in the business sect.

The Dell XPS 13, HP Spectre x360 and Surface Book i7 are just three of the best laptops of 2016. Depending on your laptop needs, there are both cheaper and more expensive options on the market right now. If you're not so much concerned with getting the latest processor or if you don't do heavy activities on your laptop, there are affordable hybrids that you can enjoy. Lenovo Yoga devices are a good bet. For Apple lovers, the latest MacBook Pros offer high-end and interesting new features for the MacOS fans.

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