'Jojo's Bizarre Adventure' Episode 31 Spoilers, News And Update: Josuke Trapped Inside A Pylon Tower; Kira's Identity Almost Revealed

In "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure" episode 31, Josuke was lured inside a pylon tower that will kill him if he ever tries to leave without a replacement and its possible Kira's identity will be revealed anytime soon with Rohan stalking him and sorting through photos of Kira in different disguises.

In this week's episode, the challenger is Toyohiro Kaindaichi which is also referred to as "Superfly," described as a one of a kind stand that can live independently from its user. It lives inside a broken pylon tower that provides electricity to the area around it. However, anybody who comes in the tower will automatically be trapped inside of it until another person comes in to take their place. Toyohiro Kaindaichi has been in the tower for quite a while and pretends to be a kind man and tricking men inside the tower.

Unfortunately, he was successful in bringing in Josuke into the tower and trapping him inside it. This is his trigger to finally reveal his true form as a bad man and escape the tower. Any attempt for Josuke to escape will make the tower meld his body with it which will ultimately kill him.

While Josuke and Mikitka do their best to defeat Kandaichi, Rohan and Koichi seems to be being stalked in the other side of the town.

"Jojo's Bizarre Adventure" was originally published in the Weekly Shonen Jump from 1987 to 2004. It is written and illustrated by Hirohiko Araki. In 2005, the series transferred to Ultra Jump and is now the second largest manga series with 117 tankobon volumes and still counting.

The manga series sold more than 95 million copies that made it one of the best-sellers of manga series in the history. It is so popular that it had its own media franchise, video games, jewelry line, action figures and even snack food. It also released its own OVA series and its English versions were finally released in 2015.

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