Updated Comparison: Apple’s iOS 10 VS Android 7.0 Nougat

By Angelie Cagay , Nov 02, 2016 06:19 PM EDT

Android 7 Nougat and iOS 10 have been rolling out to devices everywhere which were just released for their Nexus line, and Apple's iOS 10 released in September 2016. Both technology giants prepare to rule over the market with their new offerings, it will be exciting to see which one impresses more.

UI & Notifications
For starters, with Android Nougat, notifications have now been modified. They are much easier to read, have simple borders, have smaller fonts, Users can even pull down the notification and reply to messages directly from the notification, without opening the messaging app.It seems Google is following Apple's path and implementing its own pressure-sensitive screen system in Android Nougat.

Apple is making the experience better with the ability to interact with your notifications, straight from your lock screen. This newer notification system works with third party apps as well where developers can push live updates to the notifications.Apple is surprisingly taking cues from Android's notification architecture by bringing widgets to the home screen.A user can directly view the current temperature of a location by long-pressing the weather widget from the home screen.

Digital Assistants

Apple's A.I. based digital assistant, Siri is more efficient with the recent update. Users will be able to book cabs, send messages to a particular contact in a specific third party app like WhatsApp among regular things like conducting an online search, ask for directions, schedules, set alarms, reminders, notifications and making calls all by telling Siri.

Moving over to Android Nougat, and more specifically Android 7.1 as found on the Pixel phone announced in October, the personal assistant theme prevails with Google Assistant. What you may know as Google Now, a voice search tool with some basic functionality beyond search, the bump up to Assistant takes things to a similarly new world.

We've been waiting on this since Google teased it at Google I/O earlier in the year, a voice search tool that can live on more than just your handheld device - look for Google Home and more - that can handle everything from reading you the news, reminding you your schedule for the day, all the way up to playing music or casting your favorite movie on the big screen, according to Android Authority.


Google is releasing updates for Android 7.0 Nougat faster than Apple is doing for their iOS 10, the reason behind this is that Google had already updated their stock apps on their store before releasing the new OS, whilst Apple had to focus on updating their default apps and release main OS updates at the same time, mentioned from Neurogadget.

The Verdict

iOS 10 has bigger features and enhancements than android nougat.However, Google is not far behind in the race, as the Nougat has over 250 new features - a greater number in comparison to iOS 10. Obviously, Android and iOS are more or less evenly matched, so you can't go wrong with either. however, the choice in an operating system today depends less on the unique features offered by either Android or iOS and more on your own personal preference of the user interface.

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