Twitter Releases New Highlights Feature For iOS Users

By Luis Fran , Nov 02, 2016 06:38 PM EDT

Twitter has begun rolling out its new Highlights feature, which now allows Apple´s iOS users through push notifications to receive the most interesting content from the social media. This option comes 18 months after it was already available for Android.

A Very Simple Feature

According to Digital Trends, when the user receives the highlights feature notification, a single tap takes it directly to the Twitter app, which is where the highlights will be found, displayed in a slideshow-style interface. If you want to go through them, you just have to swipe from right to left, and when you hit the final highlight in the list, the next swipe will take you directly to the regular timeline.

In order to make everyone understand a little bit more about this new option, Twitter explained that its highlights feature is based on different factors such as trends, news, conversations among people users, personalized topics, or just popular tweets.

If you want to enable the feature in your iOS, just tap on the gear icon, then go to setting, tap notifications and then mobile notifications. After you one that, you will see the highlights where you can toggle the feature to "on," as reported by CNET.

Highlights Feature For Android

If on the other hand, you´re an Android user and never try the highlights feature, you just have to set it up by first tapping the navigation menu icon or your profile icon. Then, just tap on Notification, next Mobile Notifications, and finally check the box next to highlights.

This new option comes just a few days after the social media eliminate cuts off the Vine app, which was a very unpopular move. Although it is unknown what is going to happen with Twitter, this highlights feature it could be very useful not only to increase the user´s numbers, but also to maintain it, which has been one of the biggest problems that the social media ha to face in the last years.

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