Curiosity Rover On Mars Latest News: Melted Metal Meteorite Found

By Rodney Rafols , Nov 03, 2016 01:51 AM EDT

The Curiosity mission on Mars has been successful so far. It has found much while it is there and sent many data and images, all of which has helped astronomers understand Mars even more. Curiosity rover on Mars latest news is that it ihas found melted metal meteorite.

The Curiosity rover has been on Mars since 2012. Since that time it has sent images that have been of much interest to astronomers and other scientists. The latest of these interesting images is a ball of melted metal meteorite.

The ball meteorite has been called Egg Rock because its shape is almost like that of an egg. The meteorite rock is said to be composed of nickel and iron. The Egg Rock was discovered on October 28, about 153 days into the Curiosity rover mission. A much closer image of the object has been taken two days later.

With the closer image, a chemical analysis of the rock has also been made, according to Phys Org. The analysis has confirmed the Egg Rock to be made of metal. The speculation is that the Egg Rock has melted as it began to burn up in Mars' thin atmosphere. Its present form has been made as it began to cool on Mars' surface.

The Egg Rock is not the first meteorite found on Mars, as Universe Today notes. Some of these meteorites include the Heat Shield Rock found by the Opportunity rover in 2005. Another one found in 2009 has been named Block Island. It was mostly made of iron.

What is interesting with Egg Rock is that it has been melted, more so than most of the other meteorites found. It has also been speculated that it has lost much material as it melted, as indicated by the long hollows found on it.

The finding of Egg Rock and other meteorites would be much help to astronomers in understanding more about the solar system. Many of the meteorites would not have made it to Earth since many of them would burn up while still in the atmosphere. The meteorites found on Mars and others provide astronomers with more material to know more about the solar system.

The Curiosity rover on Mars latest news has been about that melted metal meteorite has been found, which has been called Egg Rock. As the mission continues, more such discoveries would be made. While its mission continues, the Juno Jupiter mission is also ongoing.

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