Apple Watch Now Has Not Only One But Two Cameras Thanks To The New CMRA Band

By Jiran , Nov 03, 2016 05:04 AM EDT

Apple is yet to really integrate its Watch with a camera. It will be fun to use it other than for fitness purposes. Now, people may be encouraged enjoy their Watch more. Glide has created a new CMRA band. You can already take photos and video calls thanks to not only one but two cameras.

According to Recode, it's actually not easy to equip a smartwatch with a camera. The obvious problem is the wearable device's inability to sustain the camera with its battery life.

But once this is resolved, it can be more portable than your smartphone. It will be convenient to snap a moment immediately. It won't have to take long compared to the additional time needed to get your phone.

Glide's CMRA Band

The CMRA band has a 2MP front camera for selfies and video calls. According to Macworld, it also has an 8MP camera facing out. This will be used to take pictures on-the-go. Thus, you won't be required to use your iPhone.

Furthermore, it has an 8GB of built-in storage. The Apple Watch will serve as a viewfinder. With regards to the problem of providing power for the camera, CMRA's charging dock might be an answer.

Apparently, it was designed to charge the devices simultaneously. This means that you can still use the band's cameras even without the Apple Watch's battery.

Video Calls And Sharing

Glide's watchOS app is required for video calls. Sharing the images and videos captured with the band is possible. You just have to connect your band to the Apple Watch. Then, your friends in social media may be able to see it too.

Another exciting feature of the new CMRA band is it also enables live-streaming. However, this capability is limited only to those with the latest watchOS 3 and iOS 10.

The Band's Availability And Price

According to Mashable, buyers will get a hold of the CMRA band by spring of 2017. It is available for pre-order at $149. If you miss the pre-order, the band will cost you $249. The band will come in white, blue, gray and black.

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