Taylor Swift Hints Return To Her Roots In Country Music During CMA Awards Night

Taylor Swift has already bid goodbye to making country music about two years ago. However, the singer recently makes an appearance during the CMA Awards night; could she be hinting a comeback?

Taylor Swift Hinting Possible Return To Country Genre Of Music

It can be recalled that back in 2014, Taylor Swift decided to leave the world of country music to which she turned into modern pop. Country music is what made her who she is right now and although some may have already expected her to leave her roots at some point, it also came as a surprise to them when she was hinting her return. She hasn't been involved in county music for a while now and it will be exciting to her fans when she does so again.

During the  recent CMA night, Taylor Swift was presenting an award, Entertainer of the Year, one which she won back in 2009 and 2011. Swift definitely surprised the audience with her appearance as she greets them with all enthusiasm. She exclaims how she first came to Nashville 13 years ago with the dream of becoming a songwriter. She is eternally thankful and honored to be in such a place that is filled with remarkable artists with remarkable talents.

Back when she still did country music, it was already sounding a little close to modern pop. However, it is insisted that her choice of genre then was country music. As she gained all the popularity that she has now, she does so by taking the interests of her generation to her own, thus deciding to shift to pop from country music. She decided to transcend from one genre to another with full discipline and a whole heart.

Taylor Swift Still The Same Country Girl From Nashville, Tennessee

However, it has been told that even though she shifted her heart from country to pop, she was still the country girl from Nashville, Tennessee. Now that she is hinting a possible return to her roots, she may be looking for something familiar in her choice of music as she is bound to be working on her second album already. Amidst all the controversies circulating around her now, she is still the same songwriter she has been all her life.

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