Pokemon Go Update: Asking For More From A Pokestop Is Just Plain Wrong

By Jupiter Isidro , Nov 04, 2016 04:30 AM EDT

PokeStops in Pokemon Go have various functions. For one, it gives the player goodies such as PokeBalls and Eggs. Then at some point, you get frustrated because you ran out of PokeBalls and after spinning a blue PokeStop, it gives nothing but potions and revives. I get it, sometimes PokeStops can be a pain in the neck but take it easy, it will transform from purple to blue in no time.

I stumbled upon a bunch of write-ups online demanding more items from PokeStops so that their desired items will pop out of that blue magical spinning thing. Well, let me stop you right there. The reason why I beg to differ is that PokeStops give out random items.

Let me put it this way, although increasing the number of 'bubbles' containing items from a single spin would also increase the chances of getting a desired PokeBall or Revive, or whatever, it doesn't ensure that the desired item will come out to begin with. Then you're back to square one, being frustrated.

I have observed that PokeStops in Pokemon Go give out an average of 4 items in random, some give 5 or 6 especially if it's the first time you spin it after a long time. But most of the time, it's just 3 or 4 if you stay right beside it and spin as soon as it turns blue.

There are other ways on how you can get your wanted items rather than hoping for it from a PokeStop. You can purchase them at shops, IF they are sold in there. I don't think there are Revives or Potions in shops. If you are particularly wanting an item that isn't in shops then good luck with that, you either get them from PokeStops, which is the focus of dilemma on this article, or earn them via level ups.

Spin Reward Probability Accessory - Improvement Suggestion

To combat the randomness of PokeStop item spawns, I have this idea about releasing a feature that allows players to 'wear' a ring or bracelet, or whatever in a form of accessory that increases the probability of a certain item popping out of a PokeStop in Pokemon Go. So for the sake of my example, let's just use rings as the accessory.

Pokeball Ring - if you wear this, you will have some percent increase of collecting PokeBalls from PokeStops. This is very useful when on a journey to catch wild Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Vitality Ring - if worn, the chances of getting healing potions will increase when a PokeStop is spun. This is most useful when you are conquering gyms or just plain training with teammates in Pokemon Go.

Immortality Ring - as the name suggests, if you wear this, your chances of getting Revives will increase if you spin a PokeStop. Still useful when grinding with training and conquering gyms in Pokemon Go.

I could go on and on with lots of features but you get the idea when reading the first three examples. Heck, you can even have a Fertility Ring to increase the chance of getting PokeEggs and Incubators. The main idea is you choose an accessory so that chances of a desired item from a PokeStop increases.

Well, enough daydreaming from now, I would agree with the preset that what comes out of a PokeStop should be random and just a handful. After all, that's what makes the game more fun, not knowing what you get. Life is a box of chocolates.

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