'American Horror Story' Spoilers, News And Update: Man In Piggy Mask Revealed? Taissa Farmiga's Character Pays Tribute To 'Blair Witch Project'?

The identity of the man in a piggy mask in "American Horror Story" has finally been revealed and it turns out he is a Polk and there is a reason behind his weird mask. Meanwhile, Taissa Farmiga is back and her character seems to be a Blair Witch Project homage.

The piggy man's real name is Kincaid Polk. Jether describes him as a man who used to take and slaughter hogs in Chicago. In 1893, Kincaid arrived in a World's Fair and decided he doesn't want to kill just hogs anymore. He wants to kill and slaughter people too. And that is where the man in the piggy mask is born. Of course, die-hard fans of the series already knows that from season 1 when the character of Eric Stonestreet explained his origins.

Now the only thing that's not yet known is how did he become under the control of the Butcher and on the sacred grounds of Roanoke. However, chapter 8 of the season shows Dylan acting as another piggy man and there is no confirmed explanation yet why did this have happened.

Fans are assuming that it was Sidney who hired Dylan to act like a piggy man but with all the ghost and dead bodies around the front yard, doesn't this scare Dylan at all? Or maybe he wasn't really acting at all. Fans would just have to continue watching and be as observant as possible to figure it out.

Meanwhile, Taissa Farmiga's character seems to be paying tribute to Blair Witch Project based on the teaser released. In the trailer, Taissa is seen with 2 other backpackers just like Heather, Mike, and Josh from the original "Blair Witch Project". One of the three is seen screaming about a blood moon which is likely to coincide with the Roanoke story.

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