Ooyala And ESPN Target Sports Fans via Twitter Cards API

By Hilda Scott email: , Jan 24, 2013 09:21 AM EST

Streaming online video provider Ooyala announced, Wednesday, that it is working in conjunction with Twitter to support Twitter Cards, a new way of attaching media to tweets.

In addition to being able to publish embedded videos with the integration, monetization and deep data analysis are available to the publishers. Gathered data would allow it to be possible to even see the devices and apps used by viewers. The possibilities are endless; advertisements can also be embedded into the real time Twitter streams. This advanced video integration allows for Ooyala videos within Twitter to even determine relative recommendations for viewers.

When sharing links, ESPN videos are embedded directly into the tweet allowing for an easier way to replay or catch up on sports clips. Instead of going directly to the actual site, ESPN can now better serve its 24 million viewers via the development of the Ooyala Twitter Card. There are other media services that use the Twitter Card API but ESPN is an ideal candidate. Project Manager for Ooyala Brian Theodore told VentureBeat, "ESPN is sort of the perfect example to show what kind of [content] publishers can choose to expose through a Twitter stream. The obvious approach is to share their entire library, but our Card API support means they can target their video content around a Twitter audience."

Since conception, Ooyala's main goal was to create clickable videos, using computer vision techniques. Now, Ooyala offers a platform in which Web site publishers can manage the monetization and analalytical data of their online video content. Founded in 2007 by then Google employee Bismarck Lepe, Ooyala provides services to a diverse range of media companies. They are currently partnered with many industry heavyweights including Adobe, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Wordpress, just to name a few.

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