YouTube's New Comment Tools To Make Comment Section Free Of Trolls, Bullies

By Jiran , Nov 04, 2016 04:21 AM EDT

YouTube's comment sections are very toxic to be. Trolls walk within its walls like with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites. People fight with each other in the said section. YouTube creators also receive hateful comments. YouTube's tool in managing comments was limited. But now it might have been resolved.

YouTube's New Comment Tools

YouTube has just announced that it's rolling out new comment tools. This is based on the feedback from creators that YouTube had received. The new features include pinned comments, creator hearts and creator usernames.

This is an addition to the following existing tools and upcoming new beta feature: choose moderators, blacklist words, and hold potentially inappropriate comments for review. The latter set of features is geared more towards hateful and unnecessary comments.

Highlighting Good Comments

The pinned comment works like that on Twitter. A YouTube creator can promote a specific comment by pinning it. The said comment will be highlighted on top of his/her feed.

The creator hearts is also reminiscent of the liking a tweet. Instead of the usual thumbs up or thumbs down, creators can now give a heart to his/her favorite comments. This is a new way to show some love and acknowledge their audience.

Normally, when a creator comments on his/her channel, there is no clear distinction between other comments. The creator usernames feature will allow you name to appear under the text with a pop of color around it. Furthermore, there will also be a checkmark beside the name if the account is verified.

Removing, Blocking And Holding For Review Of Inappropriate Comments

The choose moderators tool was already launched earlier this year. This basically gives power to people whom the creator delegated to remove public comments from videos.

The blacklist words and phrases feature enables the creator to hold comments with certain words or phrases for review and approval.

In addition, YouTube will also introduce a new beta feature that will hold potentially inappropriate comments for review. Apparently, those comments will be identified by YouTube's algorithm. Then, it will be up to the creator whether to approve, hide or report those comments.

Though YouTube admitted that the said algorithms may not be always accurate. However, YouTube ensured creators that their system will take the feedback into account. They will use them to improve their algorithm to get better in identifying comments for review.

YouTube's Comment Section

According to the Digital Trends, YouTube content creators consume a collective 4 billion videos per day. That amounts to 300 hours of footage every minute.

The often toxic comment section is hard to manage. It has consistently been used to bully and verbally abuse people. The new comment tools will be able to help creators to address such offensive comments.


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