Uber Technologies Revamps Mobile App But Not Everyone Is Pleased With The Upgrade

By Cameron , Nov 04, 2016 03:09 PM EDT

Uber Technologies Inc. plans to give its Uber app an upgrade and added new features that will make it easier for both the users and the drivers. However, reports are saying that not everyone is pleased with the new app.

According to a written article at Business.MB, Uber has revamped their mobile application with new features designed to keep people using it as they are chauffeured around town. The new app also includes access to the Snapchat social network and Yelp, Inc. restaurant reviews.

The article further states that the new features will also speed-up the drop-off and pickup times by remembering the customers' most visited places by granting access to Uber of their digital calendars to mark meeting times and locations.

Another new feature of the new app is that it will enable customers to use their friends' location as a destination. To do this, Uber will first send a notification to the friends' phone to ask for their location before driving off to the destination.

Despite the new design and all the new features, there reports from people, especially in India complaining that the new app made the booking process complicated, because of the drop pin disappearing. That is according to an article at BGR.

But according to the article, this is only an issue where users put in new pick up locations. In the case of the frequently visited locations, the new feature is said to be more efficient, because the new feature will give suggestions for the place frequently visited by the customer too often.

The article also states that compared to the previous Uber app, the new app has these categories for the UberX, Uber Black, Uber Select, Uber SUV, etc. In the new app, the categories are Economy, Premium, Extra Seats, and More. But of course, these options vary on the services available in the city.

And lastly, the new app has a feature that will show that customer the estimated time of arrival to the users' destination. It will also tell the user how much the trip will cost. So basically, it's a GPS/Stopwatch/Taxi meter kind of thing.

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