Apple's 4K and 5K LG Displays Get Price Cuts

Apple is offering limited special pricing for its 4K and 5K LG UltraFine Displays. The price cuts from the Apple online store will last until the end of the year.

The 4K And 5K LG Ultrafine Displays

The tech company's 4K LG UltraFine display is now available for only $524 from the original price of $699.95. That's a price cut of $175. It will be shipped to customers in five to six weeks.

The 5K model will be available for purchase in December. Its original price is $1,299.95. However, the special pricing has caused the price to be reduced below $1,000. The 5K Display is now 25 percent cheaper at only $974.

According to The Verge, this seems to be a part of the transition to the new MacBook Pro. This will help owners to easily adjust. It should be noted that these two display products were the result of Apple and LG's partnership.

According to MacRumors, the LG Ultrafine Displays were designed to work with the new Apple product. They can be connected to the new MacBook Pro over Thunderbolt 3.

The displays have built-in USB-C ports, charging capabilities, stereo speakers and P3 wide color gamut support. Particularly, for the 5K monitor, it has a camera and a microphone.

Apple's USB-C Adapters Reduced Prices

Apple recently launched its new MacBook Pro. People have been extremely vocal on the Touch Bar issue. Furthermore, there's also a problem with only having the Thunderbolt 3 ports.

Apple seems to capitalize on this by reducing the prices of all of its USB-C adapters and cables. The said discount will be until the end of the year.

Apple has stated that the tech company recognizes the reliance of professionals on legacy connectors. They want them to transition smoothly into the latest technology and peripherals. The price cuts would help them with that.

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