Bruno Mars Talks Naughty In His New Slow Jam Song 'Versace On The Floor'?

Bruno Mars released another track from his upcoming album titled "Versace on the Floor" where the Grammy winner sings about naughty thoughts in a slow jam song. The song and its lyrics were described as sexy and very sultry with a 90's feel in it.

Parts of the chorus includes "So baby let's just turn down the lights and close the door. Oooh I love that dress... But you won't need it anymore" which is later followed by "Versace on the floor... Oooh take it off for me, for me, for me, for me now, girl"

In one of the singer's recent interview, he confirms that his musical inspiration came from artists from the 90's. "Slow-dancing at the Valentine's Day banquet with the girl you have a crush on, and the DJ spins 'Before I Let You Go,' by Blackstreet," he explains.

Last month, Mars have released the first track from his album titled "24K Magic". Unlike "Versace on the Floor", this song is more upbeat but of course, still has a 90's vibe in it. It's almost an instant hit to his fans as it reaches the number one spot not just in Billboard but also in Twitter 140 charts. In addition, it is already in its third week on the top 10 spot on Billboard Hot 100.

Mars' album is the first album he released after three years of silence. His last album "Unorthodox Jukebox" also became a big hit so it's not surprising if his upcoming album will also be a huge success.

The singer admits the making of the albums wasn't really easy and smooth. He reveals he was nervous about how his fans will react to his new music saying "Coming off the biggest song of my career, it was super-daunting to come in here," He wasn't really sure if people will love it or if radios will even play it but "Damn it, if I'd just done this and this, maybe it would have had a shot."

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