Tesla Updates Model S Sedan With A Glass Roof Option

Elon Musk has recently unveiled Tesla's new solar roof panels weeks before the possible acquisition of SolarCity. Now, the automaker has introduced a glass roof option for its four-year-old Model S sedan. Tesla looks to further glass technology in automotive. The merger with SolarCity seems to be another step forward.

The Glass Roof Option

Tesla has described the said glass roof will give the feeling of an open expansive cabin. Musk also revealed the cost of the new roof in his Twitter account. Apparently, it will be an additional $1500 for the customers. The glass roof will also make the interior of the Model S car amazing.

Musk admitted that it was actually very hard to develop. According to Engadget, the tinted glass roof blocks 98 percent of UV rays and 81 percent of heat. The AC could be turned on using the driver's smartphone even when he/she is outside the car.

Tesla's Venture In Automotive Glass Technology

The Model S sedan has been regularly updated with new technology and features. According to the Fortune, the car's front fascia and grill were made to look like the Model X. Particularly, the upgrade may already be existing in another Tesla car. That is the case of the upcoming Model 3 that will also have a glass roof.

Musk had previously revealed that Tesla has an automotive glass division. The interest of Tesla in auto glass technology may not be surprising. The automaker has capitalized on it with their recently launched solar roof product. Musk boasted that the glass part of the roof is the scene stealer. It makes the whole roof more durable than the standard one.

The Effect Of The Possible SolarCity Merger

Tesla's shareholders are set to vote on the possible merger with SolarCity on Nov. 17. The said plan of acquiring the solar power provider has received mixed reviews from investors and analysts. It should be noted that SolarCity has a huge debt to pay off.

However, the deal may not be as bad as everyone thought. If Tesla does pursue its automotive glass technology, SolarCity can play a role. Perhaps, this is why Musk is also keen on making the merger happen.

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