'Trolls' Movie: A Must-Watch Film For All Ages; Watch Out For the Funny End Credit Scene

The DreamWorks animated film "Trolls" is a must-watch for all ages. Aside from the fact that adults will be able to reminisce their childhood toy, kids today will love its unique colorful song-and-dance theme, unlike any other movie. In addition, a funny end credit scene can be watched after the movie and kids don't need to wait until the end of the credits to watch it.

Based on the reports, a scene will be playing right after the movie while the credits are rolling. This means that parents don't need to keep the kids in their seats while waiting for the credits to end as it will play as soon as the credits start. No details have been disclosed about the funny end credit scene but it was said to be a must-watch for both adults and kids.

According to movie experts, the movie is expected to reach the number 2 spot on the box office hit by the weekend, next to Marvel's Doctor Strange. Reports claim that "Trolls" will be able to take advantage of the whole weekend with no other family movie rival.

The movie "Troll" follows the life of a troll named Poppy, played by Anna Kendrick, who is said to be the happiest troll alive. However, her village is dominated by a Bergen Bridget who eats Trolls. Poppy does her best to stop the Bergen from eating her neighbors with the help of her friend Branch, played by Justin Timberlake. The movie is also joined by other casts namely Gwen Stefany, Russel Brand, James Corden, Ron Funches and Ricky Dillon with Kandee Johnson.

In one of the recent interviews with the movie's director, Mike Mitchell, and co-director, Walt Dohrn, they want to create a happy and positive movie for "Trolls" and Poppy's character seemed to fit in perfectly with the theme. They also said that they wanted to make a new movie and explore a new world rather than just make a sequel for a familiar movie.

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