GPS Leads Man To His Death

A 22-year old Georgia man was shot on Saturday when his GPS device misguided him to the wrong house. An elderly man, 69-year old Philip Sailors has been charged with murder and is currently being held in jail with no bond.

Sailors has no record of a criminal history. Sailors admits to shooting the young man, identified as Rodrigo Diaz on Saturday when he saw him approaching his home.  

The victim's friends, two other males passengers along with Diaz' girlfriend say that the GPS device that Diaz was using, caused him to accidentally drive into the wrong driveway. He thought he arrived at a friend's home who he was picking up to go skating. "This was an unfortunate, tragic event and our department is in the process of investigating the incident," said Lilburn, GA Police Chief Bruce Hedley to

Officer Matthew Price wrote in a police report that when he arrived on the scene he described seeing "a Hispanic male subject, slumped over in the driver's seat, blood covering his face and top of his head. The subject had labored breathing and was unresponsive." The police reports say that Diaz was shot in the head, causing "severe damage to the brain and bones in the skull," Diaz died in ICU after he was taken to the hospital for surgery.

"The guy came out. He went in again and he came out with a gun in his hand and he shot into the air," said 15 year old Yeson Jimenez to ABC News affiliate in Atlanta,  WSB-TV. Jimenez was one of the passengers in the car. According to Diaz's friends, Sailors fired gun shots at the car as they attempted to leave.

Sailor's lawyer, Mike Puglise says that his client thought there was going to be a burglary when he saw two people running by his car. He alleged that Sailors first fired a warning shot from his .22-caliber pistol and then another shot when he saw that the car was moving towards him, the second shot hitting Diaz. "What he processed was that this was for all practical purposes a home invasion, an attack on his property and his life and unfortunately it resulted in a loss of life while he was defending his home," said Puglise.

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