'Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Dead Man Tell No Tales' Spoilers: Jack Sparrow Finally Finds Love And Gets Married In The Movie?

It looks like Jack Sparrow, played by Johnny Depp, will finally find the love of his life and is expected to get married in the upcoming "Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Dead Man Tell No Tales". According to reports, Sparrow will fall in love with astronomer Carina Smyth who is played by Kaya Scodelario.

It can be remembered that Sparrow first fell in love with Angelica, played by Penelope Cruz. However, even after taking the vow of celibacy, Angelica chose to be loyal to her father rather than Jack. Her love for her father almost caused her life. Fortunately, Jack came to the rescue and saved her life by tricking her dad. In the end, the two decided not to be together.

In the new installment of the movie, Sparrow is likely to meet Smyth who is described as a strong woman that defends her rights to be in a university and study there. At the same time, she is also on the hunt to find Poseidon's trident and possesses a diary that tells where to find it. Sparrow could be heading to the same location and needs Carina's help to get there or he may just be tricking her so he can get his hands on the diary that made him agree to travel with Carina. Whatever it is, it looks like their journey together is the way for the two to find love in each other's arm.

Based on the previous love interests of Sparrow, he always falls for women who are strong and defines their own character. It is first seen in Kiera Knightley and Penelope Cruz's character and now another strong-willed woman joins the cast. Hopefully, Sparrow finds the courage to fight for the woman he loves and not choose other things over her.

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