Twitter's Big(ger) Picture

Possibly as damage control after the slew of barbs slung at their new video app, Vine (which has been having more problems than days it's been live), Twitter announced today that they're "rolling out several enhancements that make it easier to view photos and videos" on their site.

The biggest news is, well, the big picture.

With these aforementioned latest improvements, users will be able to see a larger version of posted pictures without the pesky previous requirement of going to a new page. All one need do now is merely click on the picture on the page he's already on, and badda-boom/badda-bing, you've got yourself a photo the size of which actually allows you to see what you're looking at.

Twitter's blog also praised themselves for now including videos in their media galleries from: Vine (duh), YouTube, Vimeo, and such partners as: Amazon, CNN, Soundcloud, and Fandango.

From here on in, you'll be able to view anything you'd want to know about the products you're buying from Amazon (price, ratings, reviews, etc.), video clips of just about anything you'd want from CNN (more or less), and preview songs from Soundlcoud... all in a single tweet.

In order to bloviate on the fact that tweet pages now permit users to see more of the conversation in which they're engaged, Twitter's blog has presented a sample from @jimmyfallon in which Fallon welcomes tweeters to reveal their most embarrassing stories via Twitter. Best (or worst?) anecdotes may end up on the show (hashtag attached?).

(Of course, with the not-surprisingly "that I love your show" or the slightly-alarming/baffling "I stir my coffee with a fork," one wonders if this was what Twitter was really intended for in the first place.)

Since having been launched in 2006 by web developer/entrepreneur Jack Dorsey, Twitter has become one of the ten most visited Web sites on the Internet. And, as of last year, its "microblogging" service was employed by more than 500 million registered users to tweet everything from what they had for breakfast to false rumors about porn stars hiding out in the White House (probably).

How many more enhancements we'll be seeing made to Twitter over the next few months is anyone's guess. But whatever those might be, I'm sure we'll be reading at least 144 characters of updates from the site itself quite soon. 

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