'Ai Mai Mi’ Anime Season 3 Is Confirmed; New Manga Chapter Accidentally Posted Online?

After more than 2 years of hiatus, "Ai Mai Mi" Season 3 is finally confirmed to happen next year. The musical composer of the anime, Fuga Hatori, announced the news yesterday at the Ani x Wara event. Meanwhile, a chapter of the anime's manga was briefly published online and was quickly removed from the manga's main page.

According to reports, the manga chapter was first posted last month but has been removed and remains not listed in the manga's main page. It's possible that the chapter was accidentally uploaded but fans that have seen the chapter says it only features the author confirming a third season for the manga. In the comics, the author even said she would like to do a fourth season if circumstances allows.

"Ai Mai Mi" started as a manga series that is written and illustrated by Choborau Nyopomi. The success of the manga got the series an animated adaptation. The manga centers on the life of four girls named Ai, Mai, Mi and Ponoka-senpai, who works together as a team to form the "Manga Club". However, this is a no ordinary club as the members are on a mission not just to draw mangas but to fight evil forces like alien invaders or even their bad rivals.

The animated version of "Ai Mai Mi" casts Ai Kayano as Ponoka-senpai, Aya Uchida as Mai, Yuka Otsubo as Ai and Maaya Uchida as Mii. The anime series first aired in January up to March of 2013. Second season followed on July up to September of 2014 while season 3 is on its way and is expected to be released next year. No date has been given yet for its exact release but fans are hopeful that it will be sometime in the first six months so they wouldn't have to wait too long to watch their favorite anime series.

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