‘Tokyo Ghoul: re’ Chapter 100 Spoilers, News And Updates: Plan Of CCG For Kaneki Exposed But Is Taken Down By GOAT?

By Joseph S. , Nov 07, 2016 04:00 AM EST

"Tokyo Ghoul: re" Chapter 100 reveals that Kaneki and his comrades are running away from the CCG. But instead of escaping from the authorities, he discloses his plan to finally solve the problems between humans and ghouls once and for all. The group of ghouls believed the "One Eyed King" since he was able to defeat Arima, the best among the CCG.

The Ghouls Were Surprised At His Plan

In the previous chapter of "Tokyo Ghoul: re" the ghouls were surprised with Kaneki's plans of harmonizing with the humans. The ghouls believe that they and the humans naturally clash with each other. Kaneki says he will do this even if he needs to force the humans. The previous chapter ended with Kaneki forming a big group of ghouls and called it the "GOAT."

What Persuaded Kaneki To Create His Plan

When asked about his plans, Kaneki reveals about his discussions with Eto. Their conversation convinced him to build a world where the suffering of ghouls will be stopped. They must bring down the old system and from it build a new one. He is declared the strongest of them since he was able to kill Arima.

What Will Be The Response Of CCG

"Tokyo Ghoul: re" Chapter 100 will probably show the reaction of the CCG to this plan of the Goat, led by Kaneki. The authorities will learn of the plan of Kaneki and will likely debate among each other on their response. However, apart from the CCG, Kaneki will need to confront the V group and Furuta's Clown in the future chapters.

"Tokyo Ghoul: re" Chapter 100 will begin a new arc in this manga series. The new chapter will recount the objective of Kaneki for the ghouls and humans as to how they can live with each other. They have to harmonize their world while they deal with a very powerful organization such as the group led by Furuta.

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