'Baby Daddy' Season 6 Makes A Time Jump? Get Details About Danny As Dad And Riley's Pregnancy

Season 6 of "Baby Daddy" has already started filming and according to reports, the upcoming season will do a time jump from where it left off last season. The time jump will only be just a short time away from its last so it's still the same gang but just going through something different. Riley's pregnancy is one thing to look forward to and fans are asking how Danny is as a dad.

Photos of the cast have already been circulating online as they film season 6 and fans can't wait to finally see the new episodes. Elle is also confirmed to return to the show but no announcement yet has been given as to which episode she will appear in. Of course, this news made fans speculate what will happen to Ben and Sam as their love story has been a favorite of many.

Another reason to be excited about the upcoming season is Riley's pregnancy and what kind of father will Danny be. Spoilers posted online suggests that Danny's personality and outlook on life make it certain that he will be a really good father. It can be recalled that it was Emma's fault why Riley got pregnant. The last episodes of the previous season show her creating holes in the condom that Danny and Riley used. It will surely be interesting how Emma will react when she finally sees the baby that existed because of her.

"Baby Daddy" is a romantic comedy sitcom that premiered in 2012 and follows the life of Ben who finds out that his one night stand affair before resulted to a baby daughter left on his doorstep, nine months after. He and his brother, Danny, decides to raise the baby named Emma. From time to time, they get help from thier friends and occasionally overbearing mother.

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