Is The Earth’s Magnetic Field Gradually Deteriorating: Something Dangerous Awaiting Us?

It might just be something that we regularly take for granted but we have a lot to be thankful for the Earth's magnetic field such as being protected from the sun's harmful radiation and as well as the very spectacular Northern Lights. However, a new study has recently revealed that there is an apparent temporary crack in Earth's magnetic field that would likely allow dangerous galactic cosmic ray particles to get through our atmosphere.

Researchers said this is a possible sign that our magnetic shield is deteriorating. In return, experts warn that this phenomenon would likely cause a massive widespread destruction on Earth such as power disruption and a prolonged exposure to the harmful UV radiation. It has also been revealed that a sudden collapse of the earth's magnetic field could mean that billions of people across the globe are likely to be exposed to dangerous solar winds and radiation.

According to the authors of the study as revealed in the Physical Review Letters, the GRAPES-3 muon telescope at the TIFR's Cosmic Ray Laboratory in Ooty, India, has apparently recorded a sudden bursting of galactic cosmic rays about 20 GeV last year in June which experts claim to have lasted for two hours. Muons are said to make up much of the cosmic radiation reaching the earth's surface.

Additionally, Daily Mail has also revealed that the earth's magnetic field plays a vital part in everybody's life in the planet but has already weakened by 15 percent in over the last 200 years. Furthermore, scientists believe that this is a probable sign that the earth's poles are bound for a big switch.

Experts believe that we are already way past the switch, but they have emphasized that they are just not certain yet when is this going to happen. If this switch would take place, our planet earth is allegedly about to be exposed to a more powerful solar winds that are capable of creating bigger holes into the ozone layer and of course, causing the thinning of the earth's magnetic field.

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