‘Making A Murderer’ Proves Steven Avery’s Innocence; Lawyers ‘Excited’ On His Freedom

‘Making A Murderer’ Proves Steven Avery’s Innocence; Lawyers ‘Excited’ On His Freedom
Steven Avery maintains his innocence in the murder of Teresa Halbach and Netflix's "Making a Murderer" plays a crucial role in exposing the truth. Photo : TheDr.PhilShow/YouTube

Netflix’s “Making a Murderer” took the public by storm with its fearless, explosive reveals of Steven Avery’s case. The popular documentary follows his story and the 2005 murder of Teresa Halbach that penalized him of life imprisonment without parole.

With the release of 10 episodes in the first installment of the documentary series, the audience from various countries were thrilled of the big reveals. Amid the accusations and controversial rumors of the case, Avery maintains his innocence.

With the progress of his case, the hit show is joining the celebration of his freedom in discreet ways. Dean Strang and Jerry Buting, Avery’s former legal counsel said that the results of the DNA testing could result in the freedom of the “Making a Murderer’s” subject.

The lawyers were reported to be “excited” about the strong chances of Avery’s acquittal brought by the modern methods used in exploring his case further.

According to Buting,“Probably over 100 scientists all over the world between the two of us contacted us [after the documentary] and said ‘Hey, you know there’s new tests you can do. Some of it was just, oh our ability to detect (chemical preservative) EDTA, chemical tests have been refined but some of the more interesting ones were these scientists with things like radiocarbon dating and DNA ageing where you can actually look at somebody’s sample of blood maybe a month or a year ago and distinguish it from their blood right now.”

Strang emphasized that the new processes can reveal that blood found in the victim's car may pre-date the murder.

"If it turns out that the blood in the Toyota is older than the car itself — is 10 years older than the time at which it's found... then that's also good at getting us to the truth and it also will mean not only a new trial I think for Steven Avery but the likelihood that he walks free.”

Kathleen Zellner, Avery’s new attorney who specializes in wrongful convictions greatly believes that her client is not guilty. She requested a list of physical evidence and have them re-investigated thoroughly through up to date scientific tests. Even her Twitter post hinted that they have what it takes to help Avery achieve his overdue freedom.

“Crucial witnesses coming forward now-as they always do when new scientific testing sought. Science, not spin will rule,”Zellner tweeted.

Halbach, a young photographer, was last seen with Avery when she went to his home to take pictures of a vehicle he had for sale. Her rape and murder led to the imprisonment of Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey, who was tried as an accessory to the crime.

Avery is hoping that his conviction will be overturned as what happened with Dassey. A report mentioned that “local law enforcement may have manipulated the evidence and may have squeezed Dassey for a confession.”

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